Every case merits special attention, but in high-value, multi-party litigation, experience and ability matter more.

Past maritime claims, we’re experienced in insurance coverage and litigation, environmental losses, and energy losses.

Some of the more complicated claims we have handled include:

  1. Litigation of the allision of a vessel and its tow with the Florida Avenue Bridge, including a death claim, two personal injury claims, a property damage claim, and an insurance dispute;

  2. Litigation, as excess counsel, of a marine collision resulting in two personal injury claims and one death claim, including criminal complaints against the defendants and a bad faith claim against the insured’s underwriters;

  3. Litigation of an allision between a vessel and a well, resulting in a personal injury claim and property damage claim;

  4. Litigation of a vessel collision involving three deaths, multiple personal injury claims, and a property damage claim;

  5. Litigation, as excess counsel, of a marine allision resulting in the spill of hydrocarbons on the Mississippi River;

  6. Resolution, as excess counsel, of a chronic regional pain syndrome claim that was tried in Lafayette with a judgment of over $5,000,000.

  7. Multiple salvage contracts, from near-shore to over 100 miles offshore, from $30,000 to $2,000,000.