What is bespoke representation?

Bespoke representation is our effort to provide legal services tailored specifically to a client’s needs and ambitions. Different clients have different expectations for reporting and different tolerances for risk. We can meet those.

What can you do for me?

Civil litigation of any stripe. Our practice has focused on maritime defense work, but it has included subrogation, contracts, insurance, personal injury and property damage. 

What can you offer that others can't?

If you choose to have us represent you, you're hiring us: our experience, our judgment, our expertise. That means our loyalties are to our clients - no one else. I am fortunate to love what I do. My ambition is to solve your problem as quickly and economically as possible. 

Why should I hire you?

See [Why Harry and Martin] and [About]. If you're not certain, call us or write us. 

Why should I hire somebody else? 

We will not do anything to win. We will try not to respond in kind. We will try to maintain good relationships with all involved in a case. We will try above all to offer excellent legal representation at a fair price.

Why list your failures?

An attorney who has never lost a case has either been extraordinarily lucky, or has been incredibly risk-averse. We insist on being open and honest with clients, with opponents, and with courts. That includes telling you where we’ve lost - trust, built through transparency.

Why JMW Turner?

We all benefit from a little art in our lives.