We bring more than thirty-five years’ combined experience to address our clients’ challenges. 

Each of us has successfully tried cases and argued appeals in state and federal courts, from relatively insignificant monetary claims with importance to our clients, to multi-million dollar property damage, personal injury, and death claims, on behalf of companies and primary and excess underwriters. Our experience includes every aspect of maritime claims, contractual and insurance litigation, property and casualty defense, and corporate representation. In addition, from time to time we find ourselves acting in the role of advisor to smaller companies as what we call our outside general counsel role.

Harry and Martin joined together because we realized we were like-minded in how we address claims: by ethically representing our clients and putting their needs first. We try at all times to be proactive and not reactive. 

Our objective is to provide exceptional work to resolve clients’ issues timely, reasonably, and cost-effectively.

Although the greatest share of our combined experience is in maritime litigation, we have also defended the gamut of civil litigation and insurance coverage issues, including property and casualty, premises liability, automobile, and asbestos. We have successfully represented clients in contract and commercial litigation. Our success is based on part on the fact that:

  • We are transparent in case handling, with prompt recommendations, evaluation, and budgets.

  • We recognize that few cases improve with age. We emphasize early evaluation and early resolution.

  • You know who is working on your claim - no part of it is farmed out. Conversely, we will take the time to get to know you.

  • Our office maintains low overhead, and remote access allows twenty-four hour availability. Low overhead affords flexible billing structures. 

  • We will try your case if we think, and you agree, that we're likely to get a better result through trial, and we will undertake only the necessary work to make your case ready for trial.

  • We work diligently to build and maintain our reputation with clients, with adversaries, with third parties, and with the Court. We plan to practice law for decades, and aim to build relationships, particularly with clients, that will last for decades.

  • We will tell you when we were wrong. See [Representative Work].

  • For biography and plaudits, read more about [Martin] or [Harry]. .