The Harry Morse LLC Policy Manual

I am privileged to work with some people who make my life much easier. And who are just great people. Good working relationships are a wonderful and rare thing. I'm fortunate to have had many over the years. In thinking about it, I thought it worthwhile to write down guidelines to facilitate better relationships, keeping in mind that big organizations run by rules, but smaller ones by guidelines. 

I also think transparency is important. In that vein, I offer the first written policy: 

Harry Morse LLC Workplace Policy: Be good to each other

We all want to be valued and respected, both as people and for the work we do. To facilitate that, the following are guidelines to make sure that happens at our office. This is a work in progress and I really encourage input from everybody.

  1. We should all try to assume good faith on the part of others, to respect others’ privacy, and try never to raise our voice, belittle, or insult others.
  2. We may not agree about every issue, but it is important we can discuss everything openly without fear of consequences.
  3. We should all feel free to bring up any issues with others to help make a happier and more welcoming workplace. In particular, I recognize that there is a power disparity in that I’m an employer. I want people who work with me to be able to make suggestions or even criticism without fear of retribution. If I don’t assume good faith on your part, or if I am inadequately considerate, or if I am mean to you, or if I upset you, I would hope and encourage you to tell me, nicely, and that we get to the bottom of the issue.
  4. If anybody is in any way not adequately kind to anybody else, I would hope and encourage that you would tell me that too, so we can get to the bottom of the issue.
  5. No adverse action will ever be taken against anyone for bringing my shortcomings, or anybody else’s, to my attention.