The Chickenshit Club

Next in the reading pile:

The Chickenshit Club, a story about why and how the Department of Justice lost the will and ability to prosecute high-ranking white-collar folks. 

But this isn't about prosecution of white-collar criminals; this is about the chickenshit club, which, per Jesse Eisenger, comes from James Comey. (This isn't about politics either.) The story goes that when Comey takes over the head of the US Attorneys' office for the Southern District of New York, he asks who among the attorneys has never lost a case. Hands shoot up. Comey declares the hands pointing skyward to be members of the chickenshit club, never having gambled on a case they could lose. 

Only pursuing sure winners is a great strategy to get a perfect record, but it suggests a deep degree of risk aversion, and it means, on the defense side, overpaying on borderline claims. 

Which is why I'm at least a little proud of my failures. Admitting my shortcomings is part of working to improve on them.