A lot of folks in Houston, and along the Texas coast, are in a spot. It's a little wonderful to watch people respond as they have, particularly in light of Houston's reception post-Katrina. The better angels of our nature. 

In such efforts, mine and yours, it seems sensible to keep in mind a certain admonition about giving, and "let[ting] not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."

But I will offer: if you're going to give, give well, where it will be useful. The American Red Cross, for instance, has come in for some well-deserved censure. This article is the best I've seen about the issue. The takeaway: 

If Hurricane Harvey has spurred you to put your hand in your pocket, then, that’s great. Giving generously to people in need is always a good idea. So give today, when a disaster is dominating the news, and give next month, when the need in Texas and around the world will be less well covered. Give whenever you can! Just, please, don’t make your donation to the Red Cross.